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Welcome! I'm Sarah and I am happy you stopped by!

I am a Chicago based artist exploring art, and getting a kick out of living life with a chronic illness, LITERALLY, FIGURATIVELY, and jokingly. 

My paintings and drawings explore the effects chronic illness have on those affected by chronic illness. With the result of digging into emotions such as pain, fear, laughter, loneliness, hope, shame, and joy. My painting Wiedersehen (Goodbye) was on the cover of the magazine Meat Paper, (issue fourteen), and a painting, A chronic Illness, was recently exhibited in New York City twice. I studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, receiving a BFA, and Boston University were I received my MFA. Read more of my thoughts and views my artwork on the following pages: Flower Paintings, Flower Drawings, Meat & Chicken Painting and Chicken Drawings.

My new life category gives you a peek into my life as an artist, a lover of style, and a person living with chronic illness. On a daily basses I like to pass my time painting, blogging, and laughing with my 2nd saint bernard, Buttercup by my side.

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