painting Again

If you read my blog post My Health Story you know my health has dominated my life lately. Resulting in not much of me left over for painting. My most recent creative endeavor have been my flower drawings and I haven't drawn in over a year. My last painting was a self-portrait painted in January of 2014. I remember the extremely bad physical pain painting caused me that day. The tears wouldn't stop.

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Picasso Portraits

This exhibition entitled Picasso Portraits, at the National Portait Gallery in London, is open until the 5th of February. If you are in the London area make sure to catch this show before it closes soon. I want to say three things about this exhibition as a whole and then I wish to talk about the lovely painting above on the left. First, this is the second Picasso show I have had the pleasure of viewing, plus I have also been to the Museum National Picasso in Pairs. To say Picasso is a prolific painter I am starting to think is a complete understatement.

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Abstract Expressionism

On the 27th of December De Kooning, Pollock, Rothko, and Kline echoed in my head as I entered the Abstract Expressionist show at the Royal Academy of Art. This is the second show at the RA I have seen and neither have disappointed. The beginning of the show starts with a room of early works by the Abstract Expressionist. I enjoyed this room particularly, because it allowed me to see little glimpses of the path these brave artists would take.

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updating my fall wardrobe

With my recent venture into the dating world again. I peeked into my closet and noticed my wardrobe needed a little updating. What better time to do so, than fall! With falls crips air blowing and leaves falling all around me. I had fun finding new pieces for my wardrobe. 

Here are my updates!

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