Love Letter to Braque

Dearest Braque,

If I had to choose between Picasso and you, I would choose you in a heartbeat. To be a fly on one of your still life set ups would bring me utter contentment. Oh, and to be able to touch one of your paintings; actually feeling a brush stroke of yours. Well, hold me up because I would be sure to pass out. Whack! My head just hit the ground. In graduate school, I had to go on a Braque diet, and hide all your books. Looking at your work over and over it got in my head and just imprinted on my brain like a stamp. Braque I am sure I was meant to only explore your paintings in small doses. In person, the presence of your paintings cannot be denied. I remember walking into The Center Pompidou, in Pairs rounding a corner and there was your painting, In Full Flight (A tire d’ail), I stopped. I could not move. It was like rounding a street corner in Chicago and being confronted with an elephant. Your paintings have presence, they have strength and they demand to be reckoned with. Words I can only hope will one day be used to describe my own work.

With Love and Much Gratitude,


Amsterdam and Pairs 054 1
Amsterdam and Pairs 054 1

(Picture taken by me in Pairs at The Center Pompidou, Braque's In Full Flight (A tire d’ail) paint in 1956-61.)