Love Letter to Hansa Yellow Light

Dear Hansa yellow light,

Without you, my pallet feels naked, empty, and completely lost. You are the color of the sun on it’s brightest day, the color of the perfect tartest smelling lemon shaped like my breast, and the color of the prettiest smelling tulips I have ever seen. I look at you, and I am allowed to close my eyes, and I can see the field of sunflowers in Italy once more. Squeezing you firmly onto my palette is fun, as you flow smoothly from your metal tube into a swirling shape on my pallet. I cannot wait to drag my brush through you. When I see you sandwiched between Titanium Zinc White and Cadmium Orange you make a smile form inside me, exploding to the outside in moments so unexpected. You are a note on my pallet that leads to the sweetest, satisfying moment on my canvas. You have a conversation with every color on my pallet bringing joy to each color you touch. You mix well with others. You are with me for life, never leaving, a constant.