Edvard Munch Quotes

Discovering a book I did not remember I had, does happen on occasion and I find this surprise always to be a joy. So, when I was going through the bookshelf in my bedroom last weekend and happened upon The Private Journals of Edvard Munch, I was indeed surprised and immediately sat down and read a few pages. Two quotes stuck out at me and both had me thinking back to my trip to New York for different reasons. In my last blog post you may remember me telling you about my friend Matt I wasn't able to see in New York. However, we did have a nice chat on the phone. In the course of our conversation we talked briefly about his recent time spent jurying shows and how one really has to think about what paintings are put next to one another. A fact I love to think about when I walk through shows myself, but getting in the head of a curator is not always the easiest thing to do for an artist; especially if they are the creator of the work displayed. When reflecting on Munch's quote above, and on the artwork that was hung next to my own in New York, I have come to the conclusion that curating really is and art unto its own; sometimes successful, sometime unsuccessful, but definitely an art. Two well placed pieces of work can enhance one another, or take you to a place you should never go. A show of works done all by the same artist can be a powerful experience, but I don't think Munch is right in his above thinking, his work placed next to another artist's work, does have the potential to make his own work better.

Now this quote by Munch I can get behind and agree with whole heartedly. All though, you can learn a lot from an over worked painting and I  encourage myself to take a few paintings too far, to learn from if nothing else. This quote also, reminded me of Lois Dodd's show I saw in New York. Her work could be described as the opposite of overworked, but more to come on Lois's show in my last blog post on New York cIty later this week!

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