Birthday Love


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This Sunday I turn thirty-seven and I am pleased to say. I will do it with a smile and a little style thanks to a few great birthday present I have already received. Thanks, Family! 

1. J.crew daisy t-shirt As a gift to myself, I bought this daisy t-shirt. I am forever a t-shirt girl and I couldn't pass this one up on sale. It will look great with a pair of cropped jeans all by itself or with the polka dot blazer thrown over it.

2. J.crew polka dot textured tweed blazer (simaler) I Love this polka dot blazer from my parents. I have been looking for a new blazer for awhile now, as my navy blazer of eight years is starting to look worn. This blazer fits great and has the perfect amount of fun with the polka dots. Which makes it super easy to dress up or dress down. I enjoy wearing my blazers with jeans, dresses, blouses, and t-shirts.

3. J.crew red slit sweater  I was eyeing this sweater online when much to my surprise it arrives on my doorstep in the perfect size and color. Thank you, London family!!! I love the red, I love the ties, and I love the fit.