May Showers!

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What I wore to my cousins wedding shower last weekend, was comfortable, fun, and a classic mix and match of patterns. Stripes anyone?

1| Chunky fashion necklace I purchased the necklace sometime ago from target and was shocked to find its still available. I love wearing it with a classic white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

2| Simple striped t-shirt (similar)  I alway have a navy striped t-shirt in my wardrobe. The possibility are endless with a striped t-shit and it is as classic as a plain white t-shirt.

3| Black hobo clutch This clutch holds a lot, but must importantly it holds my very big phone!

4| Pleated skirt with lemons Full discloser, I recently have put on some weight and though my tops seem to expand and contract with me, my skirts have not. This skirt is light weight, pleated, full of lemons, has a lovely striped waisted detail and is a great value. I couldn't be happier with this new purchase. After all, I love to paint lemons why wouldn't I want to wear them.

5| Earth platform sandals (Similar) A comfortable pair of shoes and my outfit was completed!