3o days of 10 minutes of painting a day

Sarah Meder, Untitled (work in progress), 2017.

Honesty is always the best policy. So honestly, I only painted eight days out of the thirty, not at all reaching my expectations for this idea of mine. Reminding me once again expectations always lead to some sort of disappointment. However, expectations aside, considering during these thirty days the following happened, my grandfather passed away, I attend one family wedding, and one family wedding shower all resulting in my fatigue being higher than usual. Perhaps, eight days during a really busy and fatiguing time both mentally and physically for me; a person with a chronic illness or two is really positive. After all, these normal events would tire out a healthy person too. Plus there is also the learning curve factor. I really learned a lot during this little adventure.

1| I learned never put your faith in the weather. When your counting on puffy clouds in the sky, rain is the only thing you are going to get. I'm pretty sure the sun didn't shine for at least a week after I started looking for puffy clouds to paint. 

2| 10 Minutes of painting is all my body can physically handle. I went over one day and my pain levels shot right up! Might need to try sitting and painting if I want to increase the time.

3| 30 days of consecutive painting is really unrealistic for someone, who's health is unpredictable, and living in a world that is unpredictable! Reaching for 30 days of unconsecutive painting is more attainable and is what I am going to do next. I will start my next day of 10 minutes of painting with day #9 and only count the days I actually paint.

4| Intentions are always better! Let go of expectation.

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