I Finished 10 Minutes At A Time


Sarah Meder, Three Goodbyes, 20in. x 24in. 2018.

I officially finished this painting the end of February. Then just decided to sit with the painting for awhile, making sure this work was done. A month later and I now know it's time to move on. This painting took me 35 days to complete 10 minutes at a time and boy did it beat me up. At one point I thought I might have forgotten how to paint. If you take the time to look at my original idea for this painting here on my blog and here on Instagram, you can see this painting had a mind of it's own. This was one of those painting that may not have turned out to be my best work, but in the end, the rewards of what I learned while painting this piece, will never leave me. I have to admit I love the struggle one can have with a painting, it's like a good conversation you wish will never end.  

Check out this painting Three goodbyes here.