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Inventing Impressionism

Inventing Impressionism Paul Durand- Ruel and the Modern Art Market is the full name of this exhibition now on display through May 31st at The National Gallery in London. The title of this show expresses the exact motivation behind this exhibition. The viewer looks at impressionism through the eyes of Paul Duran - Ruel; art dealer, collector, curator, friend and champion to this particular group of artists and their impressionist movement of art.

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Richard Diebenkorn

I was an undergraduate when I was first introduced to Richard DiebenKorn. I was instructed to look at his figurative work as I was studying the figure then. I remember falling instantly in love with his landscape like figure paintings, where the figure fit perfectly into his paintings like the last piece of a puzzle. And his black and white, explorative figure drawings, where he searched out the figure in a landscape like manner.Upon investigating my trip to London last month, looking for what art to see during my visit, I discovered there was an exibition of Richard Diebenkorn's work open at The Royal Academy of Art, March 14 -June 7 and my excitement became to bubble. I have never seen a Diebenkorn in person before and I was now going to see a show of his work. I was beyond excited.

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John Walker: Recent Paintings

Two weeks ago when I pulled the little door to my black mail box open and saw a puffy brown envelope with my name clearly printed on it; I was instantly excited. As my eyes traveled to see who sent me this thine bundle of puff, I was sure goodness lay inside.

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